Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Life around the house this week...

It's still crazy, that's for sure! We came home after Christmas, sans A (she decided to stay a week with her Nanny) and went right back into our "normal". One of these days I'm going to have time to relax for like an hour.

Now pace yourself folks, this is going to be at least a 2 part post.

Today is COLD. By most people's standards, this is normal winter (or maybe even Autumn) weather. I'm in Charleston...it's supposed to be semi-warm year round! By noon we had hit 35 degrees. I've been working on building a fire. Trying, that's about all it's amounting too. It roars for a bit and then goes out. H has been a mischievous little guy trying to get at it. He finally settled for sitting beside the fireplace while playing with his car.

Now that I see this picture, I see that H is actually playing with his car carrier, belt loop, cool thingy.

AJ has just about had it with her mommy trying to have a lazy day. The princess herself is in the room and not quite feeling being put down for 10 minutes. I learned that if I bounce her with my foot in the bouncy seat though, I can use my hands for something else.....like flipping the remote to some kiarn (is that how it's spelled?) for a few minutes. Nope. It's spelled "KYARN" and it IS a real word afterall!!! It's a southern derivative of the word Carrion. I'll let you look up the word Carrion yourself...eww.

So away from that little ramble, A is happy as a lark now. Her sissy is home and homework is done. They are now next to each other watching Snow White.

A doing some homework. Yes, my table is a mess after a little experiment this morning. 

Woah Lady! I'm watching a movie here!


 Earlier this week I did find the time to work on a little craft project of mine. My starburst, George Nelson fashioned mirror is finally finished. I found a tutorial over at Ashley's Thrity Living and fell in love. I was unable to find any coffee sticks at our Dollar Tree though. So I used a pack of straws. I LOVE how it turned out! It may not survive the move, but it won't be hard to replicate once we get settled in at the new place.

Check out the cool reflection of a reflection.

I also picked up some used furniture last night from a friend who is moving. Apparently when you move you should minimize....which would be the opposite of what I am finding myself doing. Ooops!

First are these amazingly beautiful chairs that will just get a touch up of white paint.

Then there's this awesome desk! I plan to use it for my sewing machine to sit on. I will do SOMETHING to it, but I'm not sure what. I'm thinking of giving it the Pottery Barn look.


And that's that! Piling more and more projects up and making a bigger mess, as usual. :)

Love to all!

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