Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The giant Christmas post!

Everyone that has a blog has a big post after Christmas...right?

We had quite the busy Christmas this year, but I loved it. We celebrated at home on the night of the 17th. A was thrilled to get even more Littlest Pet Shop toys, except for the fact that she had to start counting all over again. I have no clue how many of those things she has now. Last count was close to 50, but that was before opening any gifts. She also did surprisingly well with the iQuest games. She knew answers to 5th grade questions like she had known them all her life!

H wasn't so keen on opening gifts this night. He was pretty ticked that we kept taking off the pretty paper and he kept trying to put the bows back on them. He did love his drum set though!

AJ slept through it all. Once she crashes, she's out for a while. Here are some pictures of our first night of Christmas.

PS: for mamaw: If you click on the pictures, they'll pop up in original size. Love you!



Then, on the morning of the 18th we hit the road for Mamaw and Papaw's house!! Daddy hasn't been home for Christmas in a long time, so it was more than his turn. :) It was a loooong ride, but it ended well and that's what matters. We arrived safe and sound.

We were met by this fire breathing guy along the way. I always see it, but never pay much attention. After sitting in that one spot for over an hour though, he was starting to look sort of creepy. Like he had his reign over the interstate and traffic wasn't moving until he said so.

While at Will's parents, H, A, and AJ got to see lots of family and do lots of things. I apparently, am still horrible at taking enough pictures. :( I don't have many, but my wonderful mother-in-law (aka: MOM) has a CD put together for me. She's the best! Here are the few that I do have that came out ok.

I love my husband's family. There's so much love and caring between them and I've always felt right at home with them. Most people complain about their in-laws, but I have never once had a reason to do that.

So after a week there, we moved on to my Grandmother's house in North Carolina. It was a quick stop, getting there Saturday evening and leaving Monday morning. Christmas came on so fast when we got there that I didn't even have the time to get my camera out of the van. :( Hopefully my mom will have some pictures to share with me. A decided to spend the rest of the week there and she will be home on Friday. Sure do miss having my girl around the house. It's too quiet (with the exception of AJ's fits) and I keep waiting for her to get off the bus in the afternoons.

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