Monday, July 14, 2008

Much ado about absolutely nothing

Well, here we are again. Another rare update in the life of the V family.

We left off with me being very pregnant and my husband still being deployed. My due date was June 1st, 2008. My husband was due to arrive at our local airport on June 1st, 2008 at 10 am. I could hold out right?

On the night of May 31st at around 11 pm I hear my doorbell ring and a knock. I was lying on the couch where I had slept every night since my husband left. It's just more comforting to sleep in a small place when you don't have someone behind you to hold you. As I try to wallow my big patooshie off of the couch, without much luck mind you, the Dane goes nuts. I finally manage to get up and stomp to the door as loud as I could making sure whoever was this stupid knew that I was angry. I look out of our small window only to see my husband standing there! Yes, you can say I freaked out a little for lack of better wording. That's actually probably an understatement. I think a good 5 minutes passed before I opened the door. And when I finally did open the door all I could say was "How the hell did you get here?! You aren't supposed to be here until morning!" Of course, after all of my nerves got settled, I gave him a huge hug and my favorite part of a deployment....our first kiss. You see? I always remind myself that there are good things to having your husband leave for six months to a year at a time. You get to have more "first kisses" than your normal, everyday family!!! That's my favorite one.

I was glad to see him. I had been having contractions all day long, but had decided that if I slept through them, it would somehow delay the onset of labor. Something worked! I still had a few pains throughout the night, but for the most part, I was fine.

The next morning was it! My due date! The day I had been begging for for months now! Yet, as I woke up expecting to feel at least a little something......BAM! Not a thing. We were supposed to be going to a get together at a friend's house later that day so I started my daily routine. Wake up. Cup of 1/2 caff coffee. Sit outside for 10 minutes. Proceed to be lazy until something has to be done. That was about it. My plan for the day had previously been to wake up extremely early because I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep anyway from the excitement of my husband coming home. I had planned on getting the house spotless in that time, but since he had already seen the wrath that having a 6 year old and her routine playdates and friends coming over could have on the house...well, I just left it. Meanwhile back at the V Ranch, I go for my 10 minutes outside almost forgetting that my husband was going to wonder where on Earth I had gone. I sat down under our arbor on the side of the house and.....BAM! Uh oh. That bam had something to it! Ooooo, that was a long one. Move forward about 5 minutes and Oh wow, another one. Yep, my contractions had started.

As I moved around the time between contractions got longer, so I decided that I wasn't really in labor and we would go about our day. We ran to a not-to-be-named mass merchandise department store and boy did I start to hurt! I called the person throwing the get together just to let her know that I had still planned on showing up, but if I didn't that I had a good reason. I didn't feel like coming home though, so we just went to their house a couple of hours early. I did well. I took a moment to myself and I said "Self. You studied hynobirthing at home. So just chill out." And it worked. I took a few more moments to get into a good state of mind and went out and enjoyed my evening with everyone else. Finally at 8 PM, I quietly said it was time to go. Of course they all thought I was full of it because I wasn't screaming bloody murder, but that would come later! We came back home to get things together for Abigayle, took her to a neighbor, and headed to the hospital with me driving because we never had time for my husband to learn how to get there.

Labor and delivery thought I was full of it also....still not screaming, but I was starting to get a little sarcastic and hateful. My contractions were 3 minutes apart at this point. So, off I go to my little room. No epidural please, I'm going ALL NATURAL! They had to give me fluids though because apparently all that stuff that I thought was normal in pregnancy was actually my water leaking. Oops. "Well, since you have an IV in there anyway, can you give me just a little something for pain?" Ahhhhh, Nubain. They should market that stuff for at home use!

The next morning I was only dilated to a 3!!! "Do you want to go home?" Ummmm, "Do you want to kiss my butt?!" I made the resident go downstairs and get MY doc out of the OR. We finally decided that as natural as I wanted, it wasn't happening. My water hadn't broken completely, but I needed to go somewhere with this labor. So, against ALL MEDICAL ADVICE EVER, she and I decide that I will go for pitocin. This technically shouldn't have been done since I was attempting a VBAC and my previous c-section had ended in a quickly sewn up single layer instead of a double. But, she and I both had something to prove and we had discussed it many times! Hook up the pitocin....okay...I need the epidural. Where's the anesthesiologist? Oh, held up in the next room. I'll wait. I've got hypnobirthing afterall!

Yeah, hypnobirthing. Ten minutes later I'm screaming so that the person in the next room hears me tell her that whatever she is doing that is holding him up...well she better stop it because I want my epi!!!!! I finally get it. Sort of. Turns out I'm one of those people who can't sit still while having a huge needle jammed in their back, so it only took on one side. Good enough though.

After much screaming and moaning and pushing. And after a cracked pelvic bone and a bumped noggin, we had our beautiful baby boy!!!!!

H was born on June 2nd at 6:32 pm. He weighed in at 7 pounds 10 ounces and was 18 1/2 inches long.

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