Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why do I keep leaving?

This blog that is. NO, I'm not leaving anyone or anywhere else. Hehehe.

So....Where did we leave off? Oh yeah. I had just given birth to little H. Well guess what!! He isn't so little anymore! H is now walking, saying mama, dada, kikikikiki (babyspeak for here kitty kitty), baba, nanny, eeeeeeeeee (no clue what this is, but it sure is his favorite), and as of last night..puppy! We had our first TWO big scares last night. First he tried to escape out of the backdoor and then he choked on a root beer cap. Needless to say, mommy was fit to be tied for quite some time. But I calmed down and baby is alive and well so no need to worry. God really had an eye on that boy last night! :D He really is a great baby though. Normally, he's pretty happy, a good mixture of laid back and high strung, loving, and fun.

Here is little man now:

Then there is A. My baby is EIGHT years old now!! She is in the second grade and a straight A student most of the time. It would be all of the time if her teacher would just work with us. That won't be a problem next year though because we will begin homeschooling over the summer! We are both excited about this little adventure. :D It is past time to get her out of these horrible schools and into a learning envrionment that actually teaches her something. Here she is on her birthday. She insisted we use "face paint" to make her look like a cat. We only had black eyeliner, but it worked for her.

Perhaps the biggest news is our newest addition on the way. I'm sure everyone remembers our story about the struggle to get pregnant. It took a year and a half, metformin, and clomid to get our little Henry. Apparently we didn't need those anymore though because little Avaleigh is on the way! She is due on August 31st, just 2 days after her mommy's birthday.

For now that is our life. I am going to force myself to update at least weekly if not more so that family can see our progress and snag new pics of the babies as they show up.

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