Monday, May 4, 2009

With a new baby on the way, I've been trying to find ways to be "thrifty". Amazingly this has actually turned into something fun and I'm learning new things in the process. Who on Earth ever pictured me making bread in a machine....wait, who ever pictured me making bread at all that didn't require me to twist a little tie to get it open?!

I just pulled a loaf out of the machine that I let bake overnight. YUMMY! Now I have to stop eating it before I end up with some extra weight.

I also used my food dehydrator (that in being thrifty, I found for a quarter at a garage sale!), but that didn't turn out so well. It wasn't until after I had cut up enough bananas to fill it up that I read online that bananas are hard to do. Apparently the stuff you get in a bag at the store isn't only dehydrated, but the bananas are first dipped in sugar water and fried...then dehydrated. So my bananas are a little, let's see...what's the word...rubbery! I am going to mash them up and try them in a banana bread instead. :D

All of this has me wanting to be the next Laura Ingles or something. If I ever get this house cleaned, I'm going to work some more on my knitting. I'm ok at it, but thats about it. I should start learning to sew again too. Imagine the money I could save!! And imagine how close to self-sufficient I could get us! See? Told you I was feeling all Little House on the Prarie...even though they weren't as self-sufficient as one would think. They were at that darn general store at least once a day. OH, I want to learn to can my veggies too! No way can we eat all that comes out of our little garden. We didn't last year and all we had were peppers! This year we have much more and I would hate for it to go to waste. The supplies are a little expensive though, so I'll have to save up for that one. I've got a while before the stuff starts to produce veggies anyway.

Oh and yes...with my learning to coupon I have saved us $113.55 in the past few days on groceries. I have enough free spaghetti to last us through the next great depression, eggo waffles too. Those weren't free, but can't beat .69 cents a box!

Garage sales and coupons are my new best friends. Cheaper than most consignment shops around here and recycling items to boot!

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