Thursday, June 25, 2009

A busy busy day!

Since we have started our homeschooling for the year, we took today to go on a field trip! But first we had other things to do too.

Had my 30 week check up. Everything is decent, will have a growth scan in 2 weeks to determine whether baby Avaleigh will need steroids or not. She seems to be a wee one. Other than that, a pretty normal check up. They are going to wait 3 months or so after I have the baby to see how my gallbladder is doing.

Now on to our field trip! We took the kids to Chambrey's Blueberry Farm in Ravenel, SC since Will is on leave. It isn't very often that we do much as a whole family, so it was fun! A learned a lot including how blueberries grow (she had guessed vines), how a farmer would plant them to make them easier to pick, how they grow on the bushes, and we all learned that mosquitos LOVE blueberry bushes! LOL! Of course, I have a few new pics. :)

A and I going at it, trying to fill the buckets fast! It was HOT today!

H didn't want to be stuck in the stroller!

MUCH better!

A liked getting the lower branches....which was fine with mom!

I like the dirt best. :D

No blueberries here!

Filling the bucket.

A few of the berries!

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  1. Woh!!!! Henry has clothes on! :) Oh and You are getting big! I miss you guys come home soon...