Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How much will we spend on Christmas?

Hopefully not a ton. Each kid is getting 2 gifts. I'm finished with A's gifts. She is getting a set of Littlest Pet Shop pets and a Leap Frog iQuest. Thing is, her littlest pet shop was on sale for $18 and the iQuest, which also comes with the mind station and 2 cartridges to download games to, came from Ebay for a whopping $14.

Also finished with H's gifts. He is getting an Elmo drumset, which was on sale for $20 and a Leap Frog Tag Junior. After coupons I got that for $8.99.

Now all that's left is AJ. I'm hoping to get a great deal on a gloworm at Kohl's if I can make it in there this evening. She may only get one present from us. She's still itty bitty, plus she will be getting tons from her grandparents.

As for my clue what to get him. I want to get him a toolbox, but they're expensive. We'll see how that option works out. Whatever he gets I'm sure it will be on sale. :D

My mother and mother-in-law are both getting great gifts and those are free with free shipping! Woohoo! I'm sort of jealous because I want one. No mentioning it here though because I don't want them seeing it.

My goal this year is to see how LITTLE I can spend. Afterall, Christmas isn't about gifts anyway. It's about the celebration of Jesus............................... and these little guys:

Playing around in the van. Silly girl!

Eating rice for dinner. :)

Look at those feet!!

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