Saturday, December 5, 2009

More savings, the house and a big boy bed!

Just a quick note of my great savings this week....Thursday: Got a better deal at Kohl's than I intended to! I ended up getting Miss A a Fisher Price Soothe & Glow Seahorse for 21 cents!!!! People wanted to know here it is. Kohl's had their fisher price items on sale for 30%-50% off. The seahorse was originally $16.99, but was on sale for $10.18. I had a coupon sent in the mail by the store for $10 off of any $10 purchase. Add .02 for tax and there you have it. 21 Cents. ;0) I want to start posting these deals as I find them so other people can take advantage of some money saving also, but that takes time. Let's face it..time isn't something I have a lot of right now.

Also, my bi-lo savings tonight was 54%!! I didn't shop for all of my groceries, but still got things I needed for a "party" with DH's department next week.

We had our first showing of the house today since we will be renting it out when we move. I had already spoken with the wife on the phone since she is out of state and her husband came by today. He loved it and is bringing the deposit over tomorrow! This is such a burden off of our shoulders. The Lord has really blessed us today.

H's crib was also converted into a toddler bed this morning. Thank goodness his is really simple to convert. No extra pieces to buy or anything. The front just comes off and viola! He did well at naptime. Yes, he crawled out to play, but as soon as he was sleepy he crawled back in and went to sleep. Tonight he wanted nothing to do with it. So for now, the front is back on. But I'll take just naptime. It's one step closer and there's no rush. I'm just afraid that since he has fallen out once, that it will happen again and he will get hurt. Slowly goes the turtle though...and the turtle always wins!

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