Saturday, May 16, 2009

Heading out for some shopping! **updated**

Let's see how well I do!! **Will update when I get back! :D

Ok, so after 3 trips I finally made it into the grocery store. LOL! Here's my score. Not the greatest, but remember I'm just learning. ;0)

Kraft ranch dressing
Kraft italian dressing
Miracle whip
Kraft mayo X 2
BBQ sauce X 2
McCormick Steak Seasoning
Toasted Ritz Chips X 2
Snuggle dryer sheets 80 count
Canned biscuits
Ice cream sandwiches
Southern Home Spaghetti Sauce X 2
Southern Home 12 pks drinks X 2

10.05 pounds of split chicken breasts
Beef tip roast
2.82 pounds cubed steak
thick cut bacon X 2

Total cost before savings = 102.86

Total savings = 56.73

Total OOP with tax = 46.84

Now, could I face going out to a public place without having my family with me (I have a fear sort of thing going on), I could have eliminated about $7.39 of that bringing my total to 39.45. I'll get there someday I suppose!!

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